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Mood Therapy UV-free LED Ring Light & Round Vanity Mirror

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Save time and get your dose of feel-good wellness lighting while doing your entire daily beauty and grooming routine. It can lift your mood, boost productivity, help you sleep better and wake up easier, beat winter blues, and help seasonal transitions which can be supported with LED wellness lighting anytime of the year at home.


  • Includes one (1) Mood Therapy UV-free LED Ring Light & Round Vanity Mirror with an A/C power adapter
  • Safe UV-free LED lights with over 10000+ Lux that recreate a bright sunny day no matter how dark your current indoor environment
  • Mood-enhancing effect of the light emitting 5500 Kelvin color temperature that mimics the sun’s natural color output
  • Three LED light color settings for accurate color-correct makeup application anywhere:
    • Office (cool white)
    • Daylight (wellness light therapy)
    • Evening light (warm white)
  • Smart Dimmer touch control button dims and brightens the lighting, lets you switch between three LED light color settings, and remembers the last brightness level used for each light color setting
  • Powerful 8X/1X dual magnification
  • Mirror head tilt adjustability and 360-degree inner mirror rotation
  • Accent light on the base matches the color and intensity of the current ring light setting
  • 30-min auto-shutoff timer gives you the right amount of daylight
  • Silver Nickel exterior finish
  • Measures 9.75” x 6” x 17” with 7.25” reflective surface
  • Weighs 2.5 lb

Care Instructions

  • Wipe metal with dry non-abrasive cloth and mirrors can be cleaned with glass cleaner
  • Do not leave magnified mirror in direct sunlight light. Reflection may cause fire

About the Brand

Zadro is a high end manufacturer of makeup mirrors crafting ultra bright and color correct beauty tools for your home. They are a family business based in California that proudly manufacturers products here in the USA.