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Large Beverage Bobber (Build Your Own 2-Pack)

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Forget worrying about spilling your drink in pool or getting a sore arm from holding your drink up. With the beverage bobber, you can float any 16 oz to 40 oz yeti, or tumbler with you without having to worry about a floating bar table or noodles.


  • Two (2) large beverage bobber floating drink holders
  • Two (2) 30” leashes


  • Designed with 30" drink leash that attaches to your wrist, bathing suit, or Float n’ Tote so you never lose your drink
  • Keeps your drink upright even while you take a dive or choose to swim across the pool or lake
  • C-shaped design allows the beverage bobber to expand or contract to accommodate most 16 oz to 40 oz beverages
  • Straps secure your beverage from both the bottom and sides for maximum compression
  • Deflate it to store in compact spaces and inflate it for maximum buoyancy
  • Ideal to carry to any pool, beach or boat party
  • Made with PVC inflatable tube with oxford coated waterproof nylon fabric casing
  • Measures 10” in diameter

Care Instructions

  • Do not dry clean or machine wash
  • Sponge with warm water or use methods recommended for “hand” washing synthetic fabrics
  • Store in dry, cool, dark place
  • Caution: Fading can indicate loss of strength. A weathered device could tear easily, resulting in loss of flotation material. If faded, check strength or discontinue use
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