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Soul Insole

Arch Support Gel Ramp (4-Pack)

This product is sold out.
This product is sold out.

Arch Support Gel Ramps are a unique product that can be utilized in multiple positions to help relieve pressure and stress on muscles, tendons, and bones in the feet. Ramps are designed for use in the arch region, ‘ball of foot’ region, outer heel region for supination and/or inner talus region for pronation. 


  • Four (4) stackable, washable, adhesive ramps, 0.125” thick
  • Four (4) pieces of double-sided tape


  • Designed to reduce pain and improve alignment
  • Soft memory gel gently adjusts the foot position to improve ankle, knee, hip, and back alignment to reduce pain and improve gait
  • Self-sticking and compatible with all shoe types including sandals and high heels
  • Comes with double-sided tape in-case the shoe/insole material requires a different type of adhesion
  • One size fits most
  • Does not hold onto odors
  • Made of non-porous, skin friendly medical grade gel

How to Use

  • There are many ways to place Ramps:
    • Inside of shoes that don’t have a removeable liner
    • On top of a removable liner
    • Underneath a removable liner
    • On top of another orthotic insole
  • Placement for the arch region:
    • If additional arch support is needed, place the gel ramp in the arch region of your shoe or insole with the thicker side closer to the inner edge and tapering thinner close to the outside edge
    • This arch placement can be desired for plantar fasciitis, flat feet, fallen arches or high arches
  • For the ball of foot region:
    • Use the ramps to offload pressure from the front part of your foot
    • Place the ramp so that the thickest part drops off right before your pain point to somewhat suspend the bones and offload pressure by supporting the metatarsal heads
    • Ramps can help provide relief for conditions such as Morton’s Neuroma, Fat Pad Atrophy, Metatarsalgia, Sesamoiditis, Neuromas, Burning Sensations at the ball of the foot, cushioning calluses, and bunion pain
  • For the inner talus region for pronation:
    • If the feet are over pronated, the feet and ankles are falling inwards, then the Soul Insole Ramps can be placed on the inner edge near the heel of the shoe or insole/insert
    • Place the ramp with the ticker edge on the inner edge and tapering thinner closer to the outside edge
  • For the outer heel region for supination:
    • If the feet over supinate or if you tend to wear out the outer corners of the heel edges of your shoes, then the Ramps can be placed on the outer edge near the heel of the shoe or insole/insert
    • Place the ramp with the thicker edge on the outside edge and tapering thinner closer to the inside edge

Care Instructions

  • To wash, remove them from your shoes, run them under cool water and rub off any dust or debris
  • A dish soap can be used but is not necessary. Do not use hand soap as hand soaps often have lotions in them
  • Set out to air dry indoors (avoid sunlight)
  • Once dry the adhesive will regenerate and they are ready to be used again
  • Do not place in dishwasher or dryer
  • Please store your Ramps in a cool, dry place away from sunlight

About the Brand

Soul Insole is a women-owned business that is re-defining foot comfort with their uniquely micro-sized shoe inserts. With a clear focus on innovation and the needs of those dealing with foot pain, Soul Insole helps to provide the most effective, and affordable solutions to support the feet and help people improve their quality of life!