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Sheets & Giggles

Adjustable Eucalyptus Pillow

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When it comes to pillows, one size doesn’t fit all, unless it’s adjustable. As it so happens, the Adjustable Eucalyptus Pillow is adjustable (spoiler). Add or remove the fill to align your head, neck, and spine, and achieve deep, restful sleep. 


  • Cooling, sustainable, and infinitely adjustable to help maintain proper spinal alignment and alleviate neck pain
  • No rustling, creaking, or squeaking
  • Customizable — simply remove some fill and store it in the reusable drawstring bag to soften it up
  • Hypoallergenic, resists dust mites, bacteria, and mold
  • Cruelty-free (no animals or animal byproducts in this pillow)
  • Free from petrochemicals and other toxins 
  • Made with 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell cover, with 90% Dunlop latex / 10% Kapok fiber fill


  • Queen: 
    • Measures: 18" x 28"
    • Weighs: 6 lbs
  • King:
    • Measures: 18" x 33"
    • Weighs: 6.5 lbs

Care Instructions

  • Wash every few months or as desired/needed. The Lyocell fabric is naturally hostile to bacteria growth, so your pillow will stay fresher longer
  • Remove as much of the fill as possible and set it aside in the included storage sack. Note: some of the fill is quite fine. While it's safe and natural, it can be messy, so handle with care
  • Turn the pillow cover inside out and wash in cold water with gentle detergent
  • Hang dry or dry on low or no heat
  • Put the shredded fill back in the pillow to your desired firmness
  • No need to wash before first use!

About the Brand

Based in Denver, Sheets & Giggles is famous for its silky-smooth eucalyptus lyocell sheets, which regulate your temperature year-round – that means they're cooling in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. Plus, they're sustainably made from eucalyptus trees grown on biodiverse farms without the use of any pesticides or insecticides, so they're better for your sleep, and better for the planet.