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Bluetooth Headband

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Turn your busy mind off and fall asleep faster and deeper with Hoomband. HoomBand is a 2-in-1 sleep solution: the most comfortable wireless audio headband + an App with +100 hours of exclusive audio content created by sleep experts to help you relax and drift into a healthier, deeper sleep.


  • One (1) Bluetooth Hoomband Headband
  • One (1) mini-USB charging cable
  • Unique code (to be used in app for content)
  • User guide


  • The Hoomband:
    • Wireless headphones designed to help you sleep
    • Ultra-thin speakers for extra comfort
    • Great for side-sleepers
    • Removable foam to adjust the speakers
    • Breathable fabric tailor-made to help regulate temperature
    • Can be used with any device that has a Bluetooth connection, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and Bluetooth TVs)
    • Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 for premium HD stereo sound quality
    • Ideal travel companion for the plane, train, bus, and car rides
    • Works for sleeping, napping, relaxation, meditation, travel, yoga, running, jogging, and more
    • Long lithium-ion battery life that provides 10 hours of listening time for every 2 hours of charging
    • Washable and easy to clean
    • Stretches to adjust, great fit for all head sizes
    • Recommended for ages 12+
    • Weighs approx. 2.12 oz
  • The Hoom App:
    • Lifetime audio content to a collection of +100 hours of relaxing and immersive audio content created by sleep specialists to help you relax and drift into a healthier, deeper sleep
    • Over 100 hours of diversified relaxing content — immersive documentaries, deep meditations, hypnotic stories, ambient sounds, white noises, ASMR, role-play, hypnosis, etc.)
    • Every box’s dedicated code can be used across five devices at the same time
    • Timer function (only while listening to app content in the app)
    • Offline mode available to listen to the app with no internet connection
    • App is available on most Apple and Android devices (Apple iOS 10+ (iPhone 5S) and higher and Android 7 and higher)

Access to the HoomBand app audio library is exclusively granted to HoomBand users. The app must be downloaded in order to access the exclusive content. App can only be downloaded on mobile phones and tablets


  • Inner fabric: 91 % Polyester / 9% Polyurethane
  • Outer fabric: 71% Cotton / 27% Polyurethane / 2% Spandex

How to Use

  • Search “HoomBand” on the Play Store (Apple devices) or Google Play Store (Android devices) and download it on your device
  • Enter your email address and access code (available within the product box) to unlock all content
  • App will teach you how to connect and best set up your HoomBand
  • Can also be connected as any Bluetooth device is

Care Instructions

  • Remove the inner part and earphones from the Hoomband
  • Wash the fabric by hand in warm water
  • Lay out to dry before adding parts back in

About the Brand

Hoomband is a headband designed for comfort in bed integrated with ultra-thin earphones that gets you to sleep with sounds and sleep stories designed with the help of sleep experts and hypnotherapists.